Wedding Vows….

This Word file outline considers a few of the vows we typically make at our physical weddings, and compares them to implied vows we make to our spiritual Husband, Jesus Christ, in becoming His bride.  The vows, and the comparisons of them to our "marriage" to Christ, reveal why we often fail in both of these relationships.


The SCOTUS Decision on Homosexual Marriage

On Friday, June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a 5-4 ruling that same-sex couples have a right to marry nationwide, in an historic decision that effectively invalidates bans on same-sex marriages in more than a dozen states.  Homosexual couples could already legally marry in 36 states and the District of Columbia. The court’s decision means that the remaining 14 states, mostly in the South and Midwest, will have to stop enforcing their bans on same-sex marriages, or be forced to deal with the federal government over the issue.

This Word file outline seeks to answer the following questions regarding the decision:  Why did this happen?  How did this happen? How have Christians responded poorly to the decision?  How should Christians respond to the decision? 


Growing “Weeds” instead of “Fruit”

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to grow weeds and other worthless or undesirable plants?  Basically, just do nothing more than refuse to pull them up, chop them off, or poison them, and you’ll have a fantastic crop in no time at all without any cultivating, watering, fertilizing, or real effort.  Just leave them alone and they’ll take care of the rest!  But by contrast, seemingly the most desirable plants- whether flower, fruit, vegetable, or even grass, are often the most difficult to grow.  They require proper soil tilling and preparation, careful planting, optimum amounts of water, nutrients, and sunshine, and freedom from the competition of or destruction by the undesirables (weeds as well as insect and animal pests).  And, these things must be done over a sometimes-lengthy period of time just to grow the desirable plants to maturity and productivity. Here, yet again, the spiritual mirrors the physical…


“For Richer, for Poorer, in Sickness and in Health, Until Death Parts Us”

The words are easily recognizable, and equally understandable- but are they the truth?  With these and other words, we promise undying love, endless devotion, and unquestionable loyalty and faithfulness “until death parts us,” and then divorce the mate with whom we stood before God, family, and friends to promise these things.   Why?


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Men’s One-Day Study: “How to Constructively Deal with Homosexuality”

This material was also presented as a part of our twice a year Men's One-Day Study.  As with previous efforts in this series, it was originally designed for preachers, but is open to any men interested in studying God's word in a more advanced way.  This particular study was specially written and delivered to help preachers, elders, deacons, and fathers deal with the subject of homosexuality in a constructive and productive way.  The session topics covered are: Thinking Through Homosexuality; Adolescent Motivations for Homosexuality; Homosexuality and the Bible; and Constructively Dealing with Homosexuality.  An Appendix of additional resource articles (both true and some that are included only for illustrative purposes) is also included.   After you download it, but BEFORE you decide to print it, please understand that this is a Word file consisting of 51 pages (over 24,500 words).

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Daily Verse

“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? “I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.””

- Jeremiah 17:9-10

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