The Christian Solider

What are the terms of enlistment and level of dedication involved?  This PowerPoint lesson covers these things as well as taking a look what kind of soldier some might be- a "Reservist,"  "AWOL," or "MIA."  The book of Ephesians is the primary text for the sermon.


Have We Replaced “Holier Than Thou” with “Holy Enough”?

The problem of “self-righteousness,” or the “holier than thou” attitude and accompanying actions, has been around a long time.  But things are changing somewhat in that regard.  After all, when was the last time you heard someone actually use the word “thou” in a sentence who wasn’t reading the KJV, or wasn’t on some TV show about the Amish?


Loyalty Lost

No one needs to be told that ours has become a “dog eat dog” and “what have you done for me lately” world.  One casualty (or culprit?) of this trend has been the loss of loyalty.  What we may not realize is how this loss of loyalty has affected our physical and spiritual relationships....


Do We Control God?

This PowerPoint lesson considers a common misconception of Romans 8:28- that God "some how, some way" causes even the bad choices we make, and the bad situations that often result from them, turn out "for the best" in the long run.  If such is what the passage means, wouldn't we be controlling God by our bad choices?  Several biblical examples, and contextual considerations, are provided to show that this clearly isn't the meaning of the passage. 


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Men’s One-Day Study: “The Selection, Appoinment, and Duties of Elders”

This material was presented as a part of our twice a year Men's One-Day Study.  The study was originally designed for preachers, but is open to any men interested in men interested in study God's word in a more advanced way.  This particular study was presented in hopes of meeting three objectives: 1) to provide a clear view of the qualifications as a whole, and their overall purpose;  2)to help alleviate some of the controversy centered around the understanding and application of the "family" qualifications; and, 3) to address the often neglected aspects of the duties and responsibilities of serving as an Elder.  As such, the class did not go through the qualifications one by one.  The material is about 35 pages in Word format.

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